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First captive dolphin in the 2014-2015 was taken in Taiji today; my heart breaks for the poor Risso’s dolphin who will now suffer a lifetime of captivity (if he or she even survives) and for the rest of the pod, who was slaughtered ruthlessly.


I’m sorry but what were pro-caps saying about how SeaWorld is so great because they don’t support Taiji?

Do they really not realise that because SW gets a lot of money from profiting off cetaceans, other greedy people want to do the same?? No matter how indirectly, SeaWorld supports the dolphin hunting in Taiji just by having captive dolphins on display and making money off them! This makes me so angry.

Rest in peace beautiful Risso’s dolphins. And to the dolphin above: I have no words to describe how much I want to end the pain and confusion and fear you must be feeling right now. For being separated from your pod and taken to a concrete tank to spend the rest of your life performing stupid tricks to entertain selfish humans. I’m sorry. I just wish we could do more for you, and others like you.




is it bad that i’m generally anti-captivity but love to play zoo tycoon 2

Eh, it’s a video game. I personally enjoy a game that allows me to shoot endangered animals even though I wouldn’t condone it in real life. (besides, you can always play the game and pretend you’re building a wildlife reserve or an animal sanctuary)

Half of what the campaigns are are actually that anyway :P
Building breeding sanctuaries for releasable animals into the wild was a fun one. But yeah, zoo tycoon isn’t actually a bad game tbh

i love zoo tycoon… it was even more fun when you released the lions on the people in the park and block the exit… :) 



If you are afraid to talk to me because you are under the impression I’m too cool for you, please don’t be.

Not only are preventing yourself from talking to someone who you think is cool you are preventing me from talking to a cool person and making friends and I like friends.

If you are reading this, this is a personal invitation to talk to me. You don’t have to be witty or clever. Just say Hi. literally that’s all you have to say.


While small boats flee to the harbors as the fall storms are brewing up here in Alaska, the whales are making a beeline towards the rough seas. Today, the AJ20s charged straight towards open water in Prince William Sound, where the waves are predicted to reach 16 feet. The juveniles in particular seem to enjoy the rough-and-tumble play that is associated with such raging waters.

Photo by NGOS.

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